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♔ The House of Prussia suffers no pussies! ♔

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DISCLAIMER: I am an amateur historian. A hobbyist.

This LJ exists as a place for me to collect notes and stuff that I read. They exist, foremost, for my benefit, and it's to my discretion what I choose to add or omit. Please don't be offended if there is something that doesn't exist in my notes. I have reasons for leaving certain things out. Also, this is done to help enrich myself so please let's all play nice and just learn together.

Oh yeah. And don't be a dick. I'm not interested in something? Please leave me alone. We can't all be invested in certain countries and events.

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Hello. This is strictly my fandom LJ. My RL things are... elsewhere. Far, far away from here. Specifically, I would prefer people not finding out that I write gay porn unless I myself link them to it. :Db

One thing you will notice is that my entries are cluttered, and I have a million and one placeholders. I've got stuff to research. That's just me, man. Apologies. :B

Why I Write What I Write.